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Warnings and Cautions

  • Use of BLEScath® and bovine lipid extract surfactant suspension should be restricted to a highly supervised clinical setting with immediate availability of experienced neonatologists and other clinicians experienced with general care of premature infants. Transient episodes of bradycardia and decreased oxygen saturation may occur during dosing. For more details, see the bovine lipid extract surfactant suspension product insert.
  • Do NOT use BLEScath® to administer any surfactant other than bovine lipid extract surfactant suspension.
  • BLEScath® is intended for intratracheal use only. Do NOT introduce BLEScath® into other body openings.
  • BLEScath® is intended for single use. Do NOT reuse the catheter.
  • Do not use BLEScath® if the packaging is open or if packaging or its contents are damaged.