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  • An Innovative Pulmonary Surfactant Delivery Solution for Neonates with NRDS.

    BLEScath™ – Designed by clinical experts who understand the practice and importance of delivering exogenous pulmonary surfactant less invasively to neonates diagnosed with neonatal respiratory distress syndrome (NRDS).

    Proudly Made In Canada

  • NRDS Rescue Treatment calls for an integrated scientific solution.

    BLEScath™ is intended for the administration of bovine lipid extract surfactant BLES® suspension using less invasive surfactant administration (LISA) technique or minimally invasive surfactant therapy (MIST) for rescue treatment of NRDS.

  • Smart engineering supported by clinical research.

    Surfactant researchers developed BLEScath™. This catheter has an integrated stainless steel stylet that is rigid yet flexible for ease of insertion. The device can be bent and held into the preferred shape providing a balance between maneuverability and procedural success without the need for Magill forceps.

  • Precision and neonatal safety are pivotal.

    The stylet is fixed and anchored within the catheter. Markings that indicate insertion depth and tip to lip distance coupled with a soft, rounded distal tip address tracheal insertion parameters and may minimize associated procedural soft tissue injury.

  • Leaders lead and so do we!

    #1 Leading Pulmonary Surfactant Solution in Canada.

    BLES® is recognized as the treatment of choice for NRDS in Canada. Most NICUs selectively chose BLES® as an effective solution to combat the collapse of lung tissue at alveoli level1. BLES® (bovine lipid extract surfactant suspension) is indicated for: rescue treatment of Neonatal Respiratory Distress Syndrome (NRDS) and is compatible with BLEScath™, a purpose-built thin catheter specifically used for LISA in premature infants suffering from NRDS.

    1. Lemyre B, Lacaze-Masmonteil T, Shah PS, Bodani J, Doucette S, Dunn M, et al. Poractant alfa versus bovine lipid extract surfactant: Prospective Comparative Effectiveness Study. Journal of Perinatology. 2022;

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